Informing and Preparing a Blessed Generation
The Beast Rising
March Toward The Mark
We are truly blessed among all people to have been chosen
for times such as these.

This site is meant to keep you informed of Global Headlines relevant to Christians while educating you as to the prophetic nature of the events that are unfolding around us.
Be Not Partakers
"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge"
All of the provided information are facts! It has all been documented and verified, most of which can be acquired from the United States National Archives in Washington DC or at there site
The Bad Shepherds
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Elect's Sake is a resource of Mayeuxs' Ministries
Research it for yourself! Get involved! “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.” Albert Einstein
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Revelation Now
This page provides links to videos, articles, documents, and reports that will open your eyes to the realities that are unfolding before us. The Bible says that God’s people or destroyed for a lack of knowledge and that if it were possible even the Elect would be deceived. Don't be caught unaware! Research, be informed, be prepared, and spread the word.
Glenn Beck Mentions FEMA Camps on Fox
Lou Dobbs: Obama is setting up a New World Order
Vaccine With Live Avian Flu Virus Sent to 18 Countries
Riddles in stone - Secret Architechture of Washington D.C.
Bill creates detention camps in U.S. for 'emergencies'
Science of Vaccine Damage
Vaccine Autism
Vaccines Cause Auto-Immune Diseases
The Reality of FEMA Camps in the U.S.
Global Financial Collapse, The Big Picture
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DHS Rightwing Extremism Report
Plans for Mass Graves Confirmed
Mass Graves in the U.S.
New World Order has emerged
Elect's Sake Youtube Channel
Elect's Sake Veracity Videos Channel
Sustainable Development : What you NEED to know about Agenda 21
The New Final Solution
Walmart - High Cost of Low Prices
Treaty against your 2nd Amendment rights
End of America Climate Bill. What it means for you
Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the inside
Matrix of Power : The global conspiracy uncovered
GENERATION RX: The Satanic Truth about Psychotropic Medications
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NAFTA & Global Warming: A Globalist Scam
ABC News 1979 Special: Mission Mind Control
The Move to Depopulate the Planet
WARNING! Goodbye U.S Sovereignty... Hello One World Government !
Fall Of The Republic
Tell a Friend
"Peace and Security" You've Been Warned
Verichip RFID now has BUY & SELL capability
Agenda 21, Public-Private Partnerships, and the Restructuring Our Government
Government Health Care: The Next Step On the Road to Tyranny and Slavery
Transition from Globalization to World Government
Copenhagen births World Gov’t framework despite fallout over science fraud
Stand up now while you still can
UN to produce bullion coins as world currency
Bilderburg: Depopulation Agenda 101
MIcroChips in your Meds and The Silent Pulpits
The Fructose Epidemic
New American Theology of Civil Submission
Health Care Bill Calls for Mass Microchipping!
False Christ Arise
Global Depopulation and the Eugenics Agenda
A New World Order Defined
The Rise of FEMA