Informing and Preparing a Blessed Generation
The Beast Rising
March Toward The Mark
We are truly blessed among all people to have been chosen
for times such as these.

This site is meant to keep you informed of Global Headlines relevant to Christians while educating you as to the prophetic nature of the events that are unfolding around us.
Be Not Partakers
"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge"
The End of America: Letter of Warning To A Young Patriot
Blackwater: Shadow Army
Everthing You Need To Know About RFID Microchip Implants
U.S. School District to Begin Microchipping Students
Wisconsin law bars forced RFID implants
Professional Perspectives: Fluoride in Tap Water
Fluoride, Aspartame and Agenda 21
Chemical Dumbing Down of America
Prepping you to take The Mark
The north american union and the chip implants
Federal Reserve
World Leaders preforming Baal Worship
Merk laughs about having AIDs, Cancer and 40 other viruses in their vaccines
Flouride Deception
Full documentary on Aspartame. It's history and effects
FOX News Whistle blowers
Hawaii moves to ban Apartame
Cell Phone effects on the body
Danger In The Sky - The Chemtrail Phenomenon
GRID-LIKE chemtrails all over Japan! MUST SEE IF YOU DOUBT
All of the provided information are facts! It has all been documented and verified, most of which can be acquired from the United States National Archives in Washington DC or at there site
The Health Risks of GM Foods
Making light of what's in the flu shot. ewww
Rage or peace, reflections of your soul in the hands of the Chippers
The Bad Shepherds
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Revelations Playing Out in the
Mainstream News (Must See)
Order Of Death
The Roman Empire
Lives Again
‘Chipping’ of Humans No Longer the Stuff of Novels; Use of RFIDs Becoming Commonplace in America
The Great Deception of the European Union
Elect's Sake is a resource of Mayeuxs' Ministries
Introduction To The
Full Agenda
The Truth About Oil and The Economy
Research it for yourself! Get involved! “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.” Albert Einstein
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The Cashless Society and the Microchip
Genetically Modified Food - Panacea or poison
IBM, Verichip, and the Fouth Reich
mad scientists (transhumanism)
Mexican government to use "biochips" to curb immigration
AT&T Offers Schools RFID Tracking For People And Assets
FEMA Camps and the
coming Holocaust?
The Continuity in Government Project
NSPD 51 / HS 20 suspension of the constitution
SECRET Government
The Future of Food
Super Size Me
Mass chipping of Americans has begun
Exposing N American Union & Micro Chip Human Implant Truth
Patriot Act and
The Microchip population
Modern Money Mechanics
U.S. Army prepares to invade U.S.
ENDGAME-Blueprint for Global Enslavement
Holocaust Part II: Is The Devil Trying Again?
Codex Alimentarius
The Last Days Of Health Freedom Codex Alimentarius
Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the NWO
NWO Books-on-Tape: World Government, Eugenics, Scientific Technique & Power
EU Calls For ‘New World Governance’
The Truth About Block Unions Like The EU
Hacking Democracy
Horses Poisoned by Fluoridated Water
Revelation Now
This page provides links to videos, articles, documents, and reports that will open your eyes to the realities that are unfolding before us. The Bible says that God’s people or destroyed for a lack of knowledge and that if it were possible even the Elect would be deceived. Don't be caught unaware! Research, be informed, be prepared, and spread the word.
The Final Push for World Government
Fight The New World Order with Global Non Compliance
The Money Masters - How International Bankers Gained Control
Wake Up Call
Mark of the Beast
“New Rules” for Obama’s National Civilian Security Force
Lou Dobbs Show on Martial Law, Posse Comitatus
Ron Paul on Martial Law
Cell Phones Can And Are Being Used As Bugs
How To Stop The New World Order
Civilian Inmate Labor Program
New RFID Technology Allows You to be Tracked WITHOUT Your Knowledge
Nutricide - Criminalizing Natural Health, Vitamins, and Herbs
The Global Warming Swindle
Bilderberg & The Double-Headed Eagle
Aspartame, Brain Cancer and the FDA
Obama’s Unconstitutional Agenda: Plan For A New World Order
NSA Domestic Spying Targeted Journalists
Study Finds High-Fructose Corn Syrup Contains Mercury
Mind Control / Obama Worship
The Federal Reserve is Engineering the Economic Collapse
Gardasil Vaccines: Side Effects and Death
Truth About Facebook
Smart Grid: Government spying targets Rural America
The Obama Deception
Dr.'s Tell the Truth About Vaccines
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Emergency Broadcast! New World Order Ahead!
Elect's Sake Youtube Channel
Elect's Sake Veracity Videos Channel
Mind Control Microchip Verichip Welcome to the Machines
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The Human Micro
Chipping Agenda
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Verichip RFID now has BUY & SELL capability
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