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Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the Dollar Bill, documents the bizarre history of the design of the dollar bill, exposing the occult activity surrounding the FDR administration. There is perhaps no other period in U.S. history when so many people were so deeply involved in the occult, and held positions of power that reached all the way to the White House.
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A loaf of wheat bread may soon cost $23 due to skyrocketing food price inflation
Bankruptcy of U.S. is ‘Mathematical Certainty,’ Says Former CEO of Nation’s 10th Largest Bank
Soros Panel Draft Says Bank Taxes, Carbon Auctions Can Finance Climate Aid
Privacy advocates fear massive fed health database
Ron Paul talks ending the Fed with help from Senator Rand Paul
New Republican House Promises Investigation Of Global Warming Fraud
Credit Suisse: QE2 Just Made China's Inflation Threat Much, Much Worse
Food Sellers Grit Teeth, Raise Prices
Food Price Rises Stoke Riot Fears
House GOP Eyes Health Care Repeal
Adult stem cells still effective, despite WH support
Caught In A Lie: Bernanke Promised Congress The Federal Reserve Would Not Monetize The Debt But Now That Is Exactly What Is Happening
The Age Of The Dollar Is Drawing To A Close
Food Emergency: Millions of Americans Are Heading to Foodbanks for the First Time in Their Lives
“Death Panels” Back Into Healthcare; Does End-Run Around Congress
“Toning Down The Rhetoric” Means Obeying Big Government
Celente: Global Youth Rebellion Simmering
Obama Administration Plans Internet ID for All Americans
ATF Plans Gun Registration in Border States
41% of NYC pregnancies end in abortion
One Poor Harvest Away from Chaos
14 Eye Opening Stats Reveal Dramatic Collapse of US Economy Since 2007
'End-of-life options' = death panels
Plan would ban words, symbols that could be perceived as threat
Civil War Brewing? Government Hijacked by NWO Mafia Criminals Fed vs States-Support
Apple Calls Christians "Offensive, Mean-Spirited, Potentially Harmful"
Confirmed: We're Literally On the Brink of Catastrophic Collapse
Move to Make PATRIOT Act Permanent
Codex Alimentarius Loves Toxic Fluoride
World food prices hit record high
Full repeal of health care law fails in Senate
Germany deploys contactless national ID
9 States and Counting to Consider Nullification of Obamacare
Unilever Warns Of Price Rises As Food Costs Soar
New Mexico Out of Natural Gas Indefinitely
Another Freeze for America's Winter-grown Food Basket
Convicted: Woman 'disobeyed' illegal order
The buck stops here? Virginia eyes switching off dollar
Illinois pro-family group to fight civil unions bill
Economic Collapse a Mathematical Certainty - video
9/11: A Conspiracy Theory - video
Cops Lockdown Wall Street From Day of Rage Protesters
State gun ban awaits California governor’s signature
Fed debates approach as inflation fears grow
The Economic Collapse - scenario video
FDA to Ban Food Nutrients
Target on Christian businesses
Is China Ready To Pull The Plug?
Making Faking a Name on Facebook a Felony?
UN Agenda 21 In your face - video
Dr. Andrew Wakefield, dangers of vaccines - audio
Welcome to the #OWS 99% Movement “We Will NOT Be Co-Opted”
Conclusive link now admitted: swine flu vaccine causes chronic nervous system disorders
Clashes Between Christians and Military Leave 23 Dead in Cairo
US protests spread to 1,000 cities
Occupy Wall Street Protests Sprout 928 Offshoots On Overnight
Bloodied but defiant: 10,000 Greek strikers and police battle as debt-ridden country starts a 24-hour walkout
"In The Absence Of A Credible Plan We Will Have A Global Financial Meltdown In Two To Three Weeks" - IMF Advisor
The Top 100 Statistics About The Collapse Of The Economy That Every American Voter Should Know
A Record Breaking Year for Disaster
Secret US Memo Made Legal Case for Assassinating American Citizen
Evangelical Chaplains Refuse to Marry Gay Couples on Military Bases
Japanese Government Insiders Reveal Fukushima Secrets
The Nightmarish Decline Of The Euro Has Begun
Former SS Boss Proposes Global Email Fusion Center
Sheriff Joe to Eric Holder: ‘Prove it!’
Obama to Share US Missile Secrets With Russia
Laughing In The Face Of Goliath: The Virtue Of Fighting Back
DHS Officers Armed With Semiautomatics Set Up Unannounced ID Checkpoint
Obama Suggests He Become a Dictator, Americans Cheer - video
Britain dispatches advanced warship to Persian Gulf
U.S. Snow Drought Could Have Serious Implications
The Attack on our Seeds
Monsanto Spends Whopping $2M in Q3 2011 Lobbying Government
Revolutionary Guards Announce Second Drill in Strait of Hormuz; Maneuvers Part of 'Great Prophet' Exercises
Perfect Storm of Internet Censorship - video
Courts Rule US Government Above the Law - video
Israel endorses The Ron Paul Foreign Policy - video
Gerald Celente: Occupy movement is just starting - video
Military Industrial Complex has declared war on the US - video
Google Is Already Using SOPA-Like Censorship
NDAA Is Washington’s Totalitarian Response To Political Dissent And Economic Collapse
All Who Signed The NDAA Bill Should Be Impeached
Russia Warns That Iran Strike Could Trigger 'Chain Reaction'
Peter Schiff: “U.S. is In Worse Shape Than Europe”
Obama administration gives groups more time to comply with birth control rule
Tepco Drills Hole in Fukushima Reactor – Finds Nuclear Fuel Has Gone Missing
What is Happening at Reactor 2?
Fed's Latest Easing Could Cost $1 Trillion: Economists